The Lost Hero

Now things start to get fun once more. Piper dreams of the giant who has captured his father and asked her she must prove her love for her parents, once she woke up she was falling down as Festus was about to crash. Finally a conflict, as Piper, Jason, and Leo crash landed in Monocle Motors, an island of 3 cyclopes. This was a survival conflict as these cyclopes only want to eat our trio of heroes. It was one of those moments when you care about the demigods as they finally emit human emotions. Leo was told he was to be the most important and the chapter ends.

Chapter 20-25 response.


The Lost Hero

After the trio were sent on their great prophecy, they fly to Quebec to meet Boreas and his 3 children. I did not find this to be intresting as it was all talk and no action, and I am quite the fan of action. After this little event they were asked to kill all the storm spirits in Chicago before they could proceed to Aeolus (ruler of winds). At least this part was interesting as Piper and Leo were almost executed on sight but once they saw Jason, they realised to listen to them. Not much happened in these chapters, only fillers nothing else.

Chapter 16-20 response