The Lost Hero

Well what a book this is shaping up to be, exiting from the introduction starts the first conflict! Apparently Leo, Piper, and Jason happen to be part of something bigger then they would think, as they see Dylan (Piper’s partner for their educational trip) become a monster. Also it turned out that their coach (Gleeson Hedge) was a satyr, unfortunately Dylan was after Jason and did not pay no mind to Coach Hedge, he shot a gigantic lightning bolt at Jason, but it did not affect Jason. I found this part to be quite fun from the slower pace i was saw at the beginning (it was the introduction though…). After that however came a threatening response from Dylan saying that “His mistress will destroy all demigods” and kidnaps the Coach. Our first sign of a real conflict has now passed, but this is just the beginning of the end it appears. After that abnormal event, they are taken in by 2 fellow demigods named Annabeth and Butch. They then take them to our well known hub for these demigods, Camp Half-Blood (those who read Percy Jackson would recognize it). They were then greeted by the other half-bloods, Piper was greeted by the daughter of Aphrodite (Drew), Leo was claimed by Hephaestus therefore greeted by the entire cabin, and Jason was still getting a hang of the place with Annabeth. A switch of pace once more now introducing an entire world hidden from the eyes of regular humans with this so called “mist”.

Chapter 1-4 response.



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