The Lost Hero

Now is when things start to rise, as we’re entering the another rising point, the great prophecy. Apparently Jason and 2 others must seek out Hera, and rescue her, wherever she is. I actually enjoyed this part, the entire campfire scene was definitely well written, you could actually just imagine you were actually sitting in the separate cabin tables, listening to the conversation between Jason, Leo, Piper, Rachel and etc… And i feel like that is the goal for the author, to immerse you into the books, and what is going around inside them. Apparently however, they had no transportation, this opened another plot for Leo. Remember that mechanical dragon? Remember Leo able to withstand fire? A good bit of foreshadowing was shared earlier for this little point. Leo decided to find this dragon who was hiding in the capture the flag playground. This was another one of those flesh Leo out moments, but in all honesty it was not that bad, at least compared to that tedious intro to the Hephaestus Cabin, it just felt right and it showed us Leo’s personality a bit more by showing that he did not handle the situation violently. This Jason part however, is quite weird. It all started with a vision of Lupa a mother wolf, that has raised Jason… I just thought that this part was quite out of place, just all of a sudden he gets a vision of a wolf that has raised him, it just does not sound right.

Chapter 10-15 response.


The Lost Hero

Well what a book this is shaping up to be, exiting from the introduction starts the first conflict! Apparently Leo, Piper, and Jason happen to be part of something bigger then they would think, as they see Dylan (Piper’s partner for their educational trip) become a monster. Also it turned out that their coach (Gleeson Hedge) was a satyr, unfortunately Dylan was after Jason and did not pay no mind to Coach Hedge, he shot a gigantic lightning bolt at Jason, but it did not affect Jason. I found this part to be quite fun from the slower pace i was saw at the beginning (it was the introduction though…). After that however came a threatening response from Dylan saying that “His mistress will destroy all demigods” and kidnaps the Coach. Our first sign of a real conflict has now passed, but this is just the beginning of the end it appears. After that abnormal event, they are taken in by 2 fellow demigods named Annabeth and Butch. They then take them to our well known hub for these demigods, Camp Half-Blood (those who read Percy Jackson would recognize it). They were then greeted by the other half-bloods, Piper was greeted by the daughter of Aphrodite (Drew), Leo was claimed by Hephaestus therefore greeted by the entire cabin, and Jason was still getting a hang of the place with Annabeth. A switch of pace once more now introducing an entire world hidden from the eyes of regular humans with this so called “mist”.

Chapter 1-4 response.


The Lost Hero

Now is when the book gets somewhat boring, at least compared to the beginning. As now we’re entering the hub of sub-plots. Leo, who has been claimed by Hephaestus, settled in his cabin. Apparently however, the cabin has been “cursed” and every invention made in it has gone haywire. I just found this part to be as cliche as it gets, i mean it does open possibilities for more sub-plots, but i feel like this plot is here just to create a larger story, or to get to know our hero Leo more. Nevertheless it was a low point for me. For the last little part of Leo’s little plot is his realization that he is one of the special Hephaestus kids as he is able to control fire. I mean that is actually pretty astounding, being able to control fire verses mechanical dragons (one of the Cabins creations unfortunately) could be handy. After that we see more of Jason’s story, and boy is it starting to pick up the pace. First, we enter a conversation between Jason and Chiron in which Chiron responds after seeing Jason “You’re supposed to be dead”. Now that is quite the suspenseful quote, as it opens up many possibilities to Jason’s past. Soon after, Jason was visited by Hera after Chiron and Annabeth leave the room for a brief moment. In this conversation we realise that Hera is in peril, and that the only way Jason would be able to regain his memory is by rescuing her. This is what i would believe to be the main plot, rescuing the queen of all goddesses, Annabeth however believes that Hera is not too fond of her saviors, and that this could be dangerous. Here is where Hypnos enters, Jason and Annabeth search for a easier way than saving Hera to regain his memory, therefore they leave in search of the Hypnos cabin (God of sleep and dreams). I could make a little connection to this, obviously i would search for something easier because i do not think that this person who captured the queen of all goddesses is a chump.

Chapter 5-9 response.